The Leonard family, Afton, OK

Eartagging calves makes the cattle easily identifiable, helping ranchers track and properly care for their livestock.

The sun is shining and everyone is busy either calving cows or getting started with the beginnings of working ground for corn planting.  Here at the Leonard Farm we are still feeding both cow herds and the spring calving herd is right in the middle of calving.  So far the weather has been wonderful and we have only lost one calf but also have had one set of twins.  Katy my daughter has one of the twins in the sick barn bottle feeding it twice a day as mom only wanted one of them.  We are also still feeding a set of yearling calves that now average 700 plus pounds.  My children and I are partners on the cattle operation as the results of their 4-H and FFA projects and it is  a good source of college income for them for their trading labor with dad for feed and pasture for their animals.

Greg plants corn on the Leonards' northeastern Oklahoma farm.

On the farming side of things I finished putting down all the nitrogen fertilizer with the strip till bar last week getting ready for planting corn after the 16th of March.( 1st day crop insurance will let you plant in Ottawa county )  It is warmer than normal and has been the driest late February and early March that I have seen in my nearly 30 years of farming here in Ottawa county. Kody and are very concerned about our wheat crop as it very early and getting to big for cold weather and any type of freezing weather now will injury the crop . I unloaded the last truck load of corn seed on March 9th so we are now busy sorting and getting all the seed ready for or customers to pick up in the next couple of weeks.

Kody comes to the auction block as part of his FFA chapter's labor auction fundraiser.

As for the kids its always a busy time but this last week we had our local FFA Labor Auction in which the members volunteer 8 hours of labor and the local farm families come together at the FFA building for a great night of eating followed by a very fun labor auction. Kody is a senior and President of the FFA chapter so he was first to sell and Katy is a freshman so she sold more toward the last of the sale.  It was a fun night with a great group of Ag families sharing a great time and watching the future of our industry willing to work to support their FFA chapter.  It was a great success raising over $15,000  over $3,000 more than a year ago.

Got a great rain of nearly 1.5 inches today 3-11-12  YEA.  See you all soon and hope that next week at this time I can share pictures of corn planting in NE Oklahoma.


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