The Webb family, Canton, OK

Brandon Webb

The rains we’ve received have certainly started things growing.  Early last week, we finished getting cattle off of the wheat that we will harvest for grain and cut for hay.   The winter grass in the pastures is coming on strong and the wheat and rye look really good so far.  We grow wheat, rye, and grass on our farm.  We raise cattle with a cow/calf and stocker operation.

Our replacement heifers continue to calve daily.  We keep a close eye on them since it is their first time to have a calf.  They’ve been calving for about 30 days now and 80% of them have calved.  We’ve had to assist a few of the new mommas by pulling the calves at birth.  Most of them are calving without assistance though which is always our hope.  We started with 105 heifers and have 21 to go.  We limit our first timers to a 60 day calving period.  Our mother cows are also about finished calving.  We will start working, vaccinating and branding their calves soon.


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