The farming way of life is clear as mud! The Harris family, Hobart, OK

Zac Harris on his southwestern Oklahoma farm.

Zac Harris on his southwestern Oklahoma farm.

Funny how many things can happen in a year and can change your perspective on agriculture and that way of life. Last year seemed bleak at this time, and this year I’m writing this blog as thunder is rolling through the sky, bringing the second rain in just under a week. What a beautiful sound … especially when I flew on more fertility and some fungicide last week!  Our operation is dead center of the SW quarter of the state just outside of Hobart.  I’m Zac Harris the owner/operator of my farm and ranch; my beautiful wife, Amy, grew up in the exact opposite corner and although we differ on how beautiful trees are, we agree we love raising our 3 children, Kenda 8, Rylan 5, and Trale’ almost 2, in the middle of agriculture.

Our operation is fairly consistent as a minimum till 6000 acres of mostly wheat, cotton, and alfalfa with about 250 momma cows.

Right now the wheat is about ready to head.  It seems about two weeks plus early this year; not really surprising with all the drought conditions in the last several years. The old saying is 6 weeks from head to harvest and it holds pretty true. Harvest will be here before we know it. We are nearly done spring calving and almost finished with selling all the fall calves; wanted to enjoy those great cattle prices and still hoping we can enjoy a decent wheat price.  Cotton burn down will have to wait another couple of weeks. Soil temp. is right around 60 … anybody ever tried April cotton?  I just might have to ­– I’ll let you know how that goes!  So as you can tell, we are running full steam ahead with a lot of decisions coming fast.  As a farmer, you can never second guess yourself – trust God in all He has planned for you.  I know our future is bright but it’s “clear as mud!”


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