A formal introduction – The Webb Family

Brandon checking a winter wheat field.

I failed to introduce our family last week. I’m Brandon Webb. My wife is Cari and we have two sons, Clayton, 19, and Wade, 16.  We live about 9 miles southeast of Canton, OK where we farm and raise cattle. I work full time here on the farm. Cari works part-time at Wheeler Brothers Grain Company in Watonga and on the farm keeping books and performs any other tasks where her help is needed. Clayton graduated from Canton High School last spring and is currently working on the farm while also pursuing a helicopter pilot’s license. He has 3 days of helicopter school this week. Wade is a sophomore at Canton High School. He works on the farm as well and is also very active in school activities. He has 4 baseball games this week. He pitches and plays first base.

Our operation consists of about 8,500 acres, with 3,000 acres in cultivation, and 5,500 acres of pasture. We grow mostly wheat and rye on our farm along with a

Holly Berry playing in the wheat.

little milo and hay-grazer each year. Our grass pastures are predominately native but we also have quite a few acres of Bermuda. We do quite a bit of seasonal custom work throughout the year. We put up hay, wick rye, sow wheat, clip cedars and do various other custom jobs where we can utilize our equipment to create additional income. This week we will start applying fertilizer and weed killer on our Bermuda grass pastures. We’ve been checking wheat fields this past week and it looks like it may be about 2 weeks ahead of schedule right now which might mean hay season will start a little early too. We’ll go ahead and start running our hay equipment through the shop this week getting it ready to go.

We have a 700 head commercial cow/calf operation. We generally sell our calves

Fall-calving replacement heifers on wheat pasture.

as yearling feeder cattle but sometimes sell them as stockers if we need to. Our cow herd is comprised of 500 Angus and 200 Charolais cross cows. We use registered Angus and registered Horned Hereford bulls on our cows to produce crossbred calves. Our spring heifers are still calving. We are down to 16 head now. We also have a set of fall calving replacement heifers that will start calving in October.

We were blessed with 2 inches of rain last week. So far spring has started out quite nice.

Photo gallery: A new calf on the Webb farm


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