A welcome rain break – The Leonard family

Water stands in one of the Leonards' fields after recent rains.

This past week has been one of change at the Leonard Farm.  After a very dry summer, fall, and winter we had 5 days of rain totaling a little over 7 inches.  So instead of dust and dry ponds we now have muddy fields to work in and washed out water gaps with fence to fix.   We needed the rain and it is unbelievable how much the grass has grown where we had spread fertilizer earlier.  We are now past feeding hay and that is a welcome event as we all wondered if we had enough hay to make it through the winter after the drought last summer. Because of the mild open winter we ended up with about a third of our hay left to carry over into next year’s feeding time just in case the summer turns dry again.

Cattle follow the feed buggy as the Leonards move them around their farm.

We had many projects planned during spring break besides watching the OSU women play basketball, but because of all the rain we worked in the shop, got caught up on office work and record keeping( this seems to take more and more time with all the requirements now place on business).  In the shop we had to put a new rear tractor tire on because we ran over something and ruined a nearly new tire.  That was just a $1800 dollar unexpected expense.  We were able to get the fall-calving cows worked and moved to a pasture with tall grass Sunday afternoon. As seen in the one picture it is a good thing to have some of the kids past 4-H heifers in with the cow herd when it comes to moving cows with a feed buggy!  At least the sun was shining even if it was a little muddy in the corral.  We also got to fix some fence around the water gaps after the rain water run off and the creeks went down.

Wheat development is several weeks ahead of normal.

To start this week we have been scouting the wheat fields for aphids and getting the airplane lined up to spray fungicides for us as it is to wet to get a ground sprayer across the wheat fields.  Sunday we did find the first few wheat heads coming out of the early planted wheat.  This is a good two to three weeks early for us and now it looks like we maybe harvesting wheat in late May instead of the normal June.

As for the kids this is the beginning week of FFA crop judging contests and Kody is interviewing for District Star Farmer on Tuesday.

I will hope for more sunshine and drier weather as I have around 1200 acres of corn that really needs to be planted before April 10th.

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