Wives Tales and Last Year – The Harris family

Where to start… I saw an exposed head this morning a little nervous about that since we had thunder in January; they say thunder in January will bring a late freeze!  Wasn’t that long ago we had a freeze in late April. Things are sure looking good after all that rain and fertilizer the planes dropped in perfect timing.  The planes are flying all over spraying fungicide on wheat to help protect the huge potential. The mesquite trees still haven’t bloomed yet. I’m a little worried about that because the old tale is winter isn’t over until the mesquite trees bloom!

The Harris family in front of one of their combines during the 2011 wheat harvest.

With all that potential I just can’t sit still my wife tells me, so my dad and I traded both our combines again and are looking for another truck and trailer to get the crop in. In the 8.5 years we have been married we have owned about 15 combines.  I might need to seek professional help! We worked on the planter last week in the barn while it rained.  It sure was a nice change from last year getting the opportunity to work in the rain.  After doing that; I took the new front wheel assist tractor and planter to John Deere to have them put all the Deere wiring into the red tractor.  I’m certain I am more excited than they are.

Zac checks an alfalfa field in fall 2011.

On to the hay business, the alfalfa was all overseeded with wheat and looks like it could be cut in a week or two. The bugs have certainly had their way with it. I know some growers who have sprayed 4 times already. But sure will be nice to see hay in the barn instead of hauling it in.

Grandpa has decided to graze out a forty acre field of wheat, and I think we will have all of the cows he owns on it before long. It’s growing so fast they can’t get ahead of it. What about all of this green in the pastures? It is absolutely amazing all the green. And yet, we need to kill all those weeds so the grass has a chance to come back. Always somethin’ I guess.

Lots going on in lots of different directions – it will soon be out of control, I hope you can keep up with all of us!

P.S. The soil temp is 65 degrees. I’m ready to roll with the cotton planter… but dad is not budging from his May 20 statement…so far!  Seriously, who is with me?  Post some comments, let’s start our own little open forum on if it would make it or not!

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