Corn planting in progress – The Leonard Family

Hi from Afton, Oklahoma.  Well, we finally started getting dry enough to plant corn this week and are now in full swing hoping to get done early next week.  The kids are also busy with three FFA crop judging contests this week and Mary is extra busy with her mom being in the hospital in Tulsa along with taking care of us and teaching school.

While we were waiting on it to dry up, we started an updating project on our combine that turned into a $4,000 replacement of worn parts in an effort to make sure it is ready for harvesting the crops this year.

The wheat is nearly all headed out and looks excellent (we are all still hoping for no freezing weather).  The heads are very long and the straw is the thickest and tallest I can remember for years.  The OSU people put up their signs on the state variety test plot and now the wheat has gotten so tall you cant see the signs!  The first corn planted had to be replanted after the 7 inches of rain so that just added to the work to get done this week.  We will be planting our corn variety test plot this Friday to see what the new varieties will do compared to the ones we are planting this year.

The cattle are happy and eating all the green grass they can stand these days.

Got to run – its 6 AM and the sun is coming up and we need to get the planter filled and seed out to my customers of the seed business so everyone can get a full days planting in while the sun is shining.



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