Life in General – The Harris family

Seems like every day is the same on the farm… this week brings yet more spraying.  Feels like I have been living in that JD 4830.  I must say I do like the upgrade.  This week we “burned” down the weeds on no-till cotton ground – they were starting to look pretty weedy.  I even had some calm days that I could spray some of the cleaner pastures we have.  Our definition of a clean pasture is the number and size of the mesquite tree population.  While the autotrac is engaged, I have noticed that a lot of my neighbors who have different rotations than I do are hard at work in their fields as well.

Preparing to do some more spraying with my John Deere 4830.

The drills have just started planting the milo around here.  Six months ago I would have predicted a lot more milo would have been planted due to failed wheat, but I definitely feel blessed that this is not the case.  The neighbor’s canola sure looks pretty as Trale’ would

Hail and wind damage we recently sustained on one of our wheat fields.

say.  I drove my sprayer through an area canola meeting a few days ago (made the owner of that Lincoln a little nervous with cars on both sides of the road!) and heard that yield estimates sound more than promising with a huge price.  If only we all can avoid a large hail storm that seems to be falling all around us.  Large hail will devastate the canola, wheat, whatever a farmer is planning to harvest in the next few months.  I was able to chat with a good friend that is a

Another look at what hail can do to a promising wheat field.

custom harvester on his yearly April tour; and he said that in Wichita Falls, Texas, the wheat was filled but not in the milk stage yet!  I keep telling ya, it’s gonna come early and fast! I am worried that school won’t even be out when we are FINISHED with harvest.   Rylan won’t be very impressed that combines are running without him and by the looks of my crew; that by the way are dropping like flies, he might have to miss a few days of kindergarten just to drive something!  Lost my brother last week to a six month internship for CLAAS, today I lost my grain cart driver for a job at Western Equipment.  I’m thinking of taking applications – seriously.

Basically, I’m buying my time trying to look busy.  We will leave on Thursday for the Farm Bureau Young Farmers and Ranchers annual conference in Broken Bow.  A long drive but some really fascinating tours are in place.  Should be a really great weekend and with dad leaving for an early vacation for two weeks on Saturday, I will get to be my own boss for a while.  While the cats away, the mice will play.  At least I think I will enjoy my time but usually I work harder and longer to just keep up.

On the tail end of things, one combine is already built and the other will go through the line on the 24.  We are hopeful to see the grain cart on the grounds next week.  I finally convinced dad to buy a single axle truck and single axle trailer for a back-up/fill-in rig. I will post pictures of the equipment when we get it.  See ya soon.


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