Corn in Creek County – The Fisher family

The corn is up! It’s so nice to see it growing. Looking out at the field reminds me of the song by Tim McGraw about corn popping up in rows. Corn sure seems in a hurry to grow – there is no corn when you check in the morning and nothing again later in the day but then suddenly you see rows of green spikes. Last year was on the dry side at planting time

The corn looks beautiful as it pops up through the earth in rows.

but this year we had to wait a few days for the soil to dry out. All of our corn is dry land, upland corn, meaning we don’t irrigate it and it’s not in river bottomland. I planted about 19000 seeds per acre or less. Seeds are expensive and crop insurance doesn’t cover corn in Creek County. These warm moist days have given us a good stand. As always, we are hoping for continued moisture with no hail.


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