New ground, replanting, soybean seed and the farm bill – The Leonard family

Hi again from northeast Oklahoma.  Its hard to believe that it’s almost May and the wheat is already starting to change colors and the barley is getting yellow already.  In the last ten days, we have seen the corn start to grow and also had to replant some low spots that

One of the many tractors we use on the Leonard farm.

didn’t get a good stand due to too much water in the fields at times.  Many neighbors have or are baling their first cutting of fescue hay and we will do ours next week.

I attended a seed dealer in-the-field training day learning about seedling disease, planter setting mistakes, and many issues with the insect populations and how the mild winter has and will likely affect the corn growing season this year.  It was a good day spent with the company agronomist out in real corn fields, learning new things and reaffirming some old ideas that need refreshed every now and then.  Our seed business has kicked into

It's a busy time of year trying to keep up with the supply for our seed business.

overdrive this week with the shipping of soybean and milo seed.  We have unloaded 6 semi loads this week with two more due the first of next week.  For every load we get, we then have to either unload it at a farmers farm or unload it here, break it into smaller orders, and then have the farmer pick it up or take it out to their farms.  All this has to be done as we keep our other stuff going while making room in the warehouse to keep floor space for the next load coming in.

Greg moving seed back and forth to our customers.

This past week, we got the opportunity to lease another 200 acres of farm ground as a neighbor retired and sold his farm.  We were able to get the rest of his families farm ground

Maintenance on our new lease ground.

that didn’t sell.  So with new ground it means soil sampling, fixing drainage issues (moving dirt with the bull dozer and scraper), getting the weeds that have grown so far this spring under control and ordering more seed to have to plant the ground.



It take some bulldozing and scraping on our new lease land to prepare it for crops.

Another item taking some time this week has been the movement of a farm bill in the senate Ag committee.  The Farm Bureau farm bill committee has been trading phone calls and emails almost daily since last week when our chairmen testified before the house Ag committee in Dodge City, Kansas, to when the bill got voted out of the senate committee this week.  Its been a real honor to work with this group of men and see the respect that our elected officials have for the Oklahoma Farm Bureau and how closely they have wanted to work with us on the farm bill.

Kody and Katy have been busy with Crop Judging contests, track meets, prom and Kody with his graduation stuff and preparing his valedictorian speech.  They also feed their animals (which grew by two this week with two new FFA sheep) and helping dad sort seed, fix tractors, check our cows and keep the neighbor bulls on their side of the fence.

Mary has been busy with spring follies this week at her school, helping her mom now back in Vinita with her rehabilitation, and keeping all of us in place and on time for all of our meeting and contests.



1 thought on “New ground, replanting, soybean seed and the farm bill – The Leonard family

  1. We enjoyed reading about what you are all doing. Keep up the good work but remember to stay safe. Marilyn and Gene

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