Crazy days of hay, wheat and … softball – The Harris family

I shot some pictures last week of the baler at night from my point of view; this week I wanted you to see just what one field looks like after baling it.  I baled 220 acres of alfalfa and scored about 1,450 mid-size square bales.  In my vocabulary a mid-size bale is

We filled up most of our barns with a cutting off of his alfalfa hay field.

3’X3’X8’ and weighs about 850 lbs. (for this cutting).  That’s A LOT of hay.  We filled up most of the barns.  I missed Rylan’s first competitive t-ball game because I was hoping to get finished before the rains hit.  I still had 20 minutes of baling when the rains started.  I probably would have gotten done but Kenda’s show steer escaped his pen and was on the highway.  Luckily one of the softball mom’s was coming home from the girls’ tournament in the city and called

The joys of hay season and plugged up balers.

Amy.  She stayed in a hotel in the city with some of the other girls.  I told her she was not allowed to go on “vacation” again during hay season!

It seems like my kids are playing ball all the time.  I bought Amy a Volkswagon Jetta diesel around the first of April and she has already put 5,500 miles on the car!  I don’t remember playing ball this much when I was that young.  Rylan, my kindergartener, plays at least 2 days a week and Kenda, my eight year old, plays a double header one night a week, practices 2-3 times and sometimes has a scrimmage too!   Most days I don’t remember what my living room or my wife looks like other than driving down the road – usually in opposite directions!   The only days off from ball seem to be Wednesday and Sundays and we teach at church those days!

Speaking of being hooked up; I started hooking my old combine up to the headers today.  We bought 2 new ones if you recall from earlier blogs, but I retained the right to lease one of our old ones so we could run an extra combine that I trusted.  Since I am waiting for the new ones to be delivered early next week, I just couldn’t stand not having a combine in the yard as I am watching all the harvesters head to Texas loaded down!

Our Sam’s Club purchases for this year’s harvest crew.

Amy and I had our own experience of being “loaded down!”  We had to leave a vehicle at her parents’ house after the funeral last week because she was sick with the flu and couldn’t drive home.  We decided to leave the suburban because it stays parked most of the time since we bought the jetta.  Well we kinda forgot that this week we would need to make our big haul to Sam’s Club for our harvesting food supplies.

Amy does a great job keeping us fed during

Harvest food and Trale – a snug fit for the Jetta!

harvest but it requires about $1000 worth of products from Sam’s.  We went in the Jetta!  We were completely loaded down, but the food will be completely worth it.

Finally, we’re getting ready to plant cotton.  Sure would have liked to have tried to plant April cotton but we just barely missed it because of the rain.  After praying every day for 76 days last year for God to send moisture, I won’t complain any because He shows us how good He is with many answered prayers.  So our cottonseed and Hydra-Hume is here sitting in the barn.  Hydra-Hume is a product of humic acid that helps make the nutrients already in the soil more available to the plant.  I’m planning on re-schooling Marshall, my dad, on all the electronic components in the tractor for auto-steer, etc tomorrow.

I still need that grain cart driver, please apply now!  Time is running short as there is a strong possibility that a sample of wheat will be taken in just over a week!  This may set the record for earliest wheat crop to be cut.  Can anyone recall an earlier time?  For me, I’m excited to get harvest here but others I still think are in a little bit of denial that wheat harvest will be so early.  Over the last year days, all of the fields have turned yellow and there’s not a field of green wheat left in this part of the world. You can still see some green heads in the terrace channels and outside rounds but these 100 degree days and blowing winds will change that in a hurry!  Hopefully you can see the difference in wheat from this picture that my phone snapped!  Probably in two weeks I will be updating from the seat of a combine!  Stay tuned and have a blessed week.


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