More seed, State FFA Convention/Contest and haying – The Leonard family

I hope every one’s week last week wasn’t as busy as ours.  We started the week with the kids being the second place team in the state crops judging contest in Stillwater.  Then came Monday and we unloaded 2 more semis of soybean seed and made a few deliveries of milo and soybean seed.  The kids headed to OKC for the State FFA convention that evening and Mary got left to do the sheep and heifer chores for them while they were gone.  (Dad said he was to busy and mom’s more caring than dad when she feeds!!)

Then came two physicals for Greg one for his DOT CDL license and then another for his yearly preventative health checkup.  He passed both but it took about a good 6 hours between the two and waiting in line and at the labs.  Then it was on to OKC for Greg and Mary Wednesday evening to watch Kody receive the State Farmer Degree.  It hits home when you watch your firstborn go across the stage getting that degree, knowing that he’s grown up and you’re getting old!  Then after spending the night in OKC, it was back to Tulsa to pick up parts and home to work again.

Preparing to bale hay.

Thursday brought hay mowing to the Leonard Farm.  The hay was the thickest we’ve seen in a few years, which is good after being short last year.  We had a small shower go through Friday as we worked in the shop on a tractor repair and the combine.  Saturday we tedded the hay, fluffing it up to help speed drying.  The girls worked in the yard planting flowers and sprucing the place up in preparation for guests next week

Greg baling hay.

when Kody graduates from high school.

Sunday we once again tedded the hay.  Then after lunch we raked the hay followed by baling.  We got done just before dark.  Our timing was great as it rained later Sunday night.

Hay we wrapped up over the weekend.


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