Don’t look at the calendar! – The Harris family

This phrase applies to so many aspects of our life right now.  On one hand, if you were to see the unibomber handwriting my wife uses to fit everything in our schedules on the calendar in the kitchen; it’s the official calendar of our household, you would become immediately overwhelmed.  On the other hand, I truly believe that if farmers’ would quit looking at the May 9, 2012, date on their calendars and watch Mother Nature, I think a lot more combines would be rolling.  That’s the thing about God, He never uses our calendar, He only uses His and His is ALWAYS good.

I would be taking samples some place if the new machines would get here.  I have been busy this past week planting cotton and getting all the cotton ground sprayed for round up resistant marestail.  The horseweed is becoming an ever-increasing nuisance in our fields.  I have been using Gramoxone herbicide to hopefully end that problem.  Its original intention was for cotton defoliation or to kill the cotton plants so they can be harvested.  Basically, all of the Gramoxone chemical must be applied BEFORE any cotton is up.  Dad has been planting cotton for just under a week now and may finish up tomorrow.  We planted 900 acres of lay out cotton including one test plot with multiple varieties.  We will plant some double crop cotton into the wheat stubble as soon as the combines are parked.  We will make the decision on the actual amount to be planted after wheat harvest primarily based on how we feel the weather outlook will be for the summer.    I finished spraying all the cotton ground and will finish up spraying the alfalfa for grass in the morning – just in time to be completely ready to receive the second new combine.

Everything seems to be running smoothly so far.  I am anxious about seeing exactly how the wheat is doing.  Our local gas station owner, Sam, says that he will be 80 in September and he has NEVER seen a more beautiful crop.  I think it’s beautiful but my wife thinks it’s more beautiful in the bins!

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