Meetings, field days and hay – The Leonard family

Our week has been busy again with all of the end-of-the-year activities and Kody being the co-valedictorian of his senior class.  Monday brought an early morning district meeting for the OK AgFund, where I attended to represent Ottawa County Farm Bureau.  AgFund is the political action committee for the members of Oklahoma Farm Bureau it is now the second largest PAC in Oklahoma.  It starts with district meetings and input from each county farm bureau board on which political candidates we should support and help get elected. It’s important we as Farm Bureau members get involved in this because these candidates could potentially represent the values and policies we support.

As soon as that meeting was over, it was off to the hay field to run a baler and help our county farm bureau president while he was in OKC serving on the centennial committee that is working on planning Farm Bureau’s future.  Then that evening it was time to cooks steaks for an hour and then enjoy the Afton High School’s FFA banquet.  It was a fun time for Kody as it was his last FFA meeting and a great night for Katy as she was elected to the office of secretary for next year’s officer team.

Tuesday brought another day of tractor repairing in the shop, checking cattle, moving some seed around and then late Tuesday night as were working on the combine, I had a small mishap.  Kody got to drive his dad to the ER where a few staples later, my finger stopped bleeding and was once again all in one piece.  Since Kody was 18, he got to fill out all of the paper work and do the driving. I told him it was good practice for when I got old and he would be ready to take care of me!!  Oh yes, the girls were at the high school athletic banquet and were quite shocked when they got back to the car and found their phones had two text messages saying that Kody was taking dad to the ER.  We were already back home when they called to see what all had happened.

Wednesday I cleaned the shop for the OSU Field day on Thursday and worked some milo ground – getting ready for the fertilizer to be spread and getting rid of many pig weeds.

Thursday morning we hosted the OSU and Oklahoma Wheat Commission’s field day and wheat plot tour, which is on our farm about a half-mile east of the shop.  We had great attendance with more than 30 local farmers and some great OSU speakers attending.  We also had a great lunch sponsored by CGB Grain Company.

The OSU guys were asked a lot of questions about hard-to-kill weeds, which wheat we should plant next year, and what to do with all the straw we will have to deal with this year planting double crop soybeans.  We even had some great door prizes form a local chemical dealer and our seed enterprise. That afternoon, OSU agronomy professor Chad Gossney and a couple of his graduate students helped me grid sample a new farm and also run the veris machine over the field.  We had 27 2.5-acre grids and pulled 14 soil plugs form each of them for the soil samples.  The goal of this project is to compare our results with a national company’s results on the same field for its veris fertility recommendations and then see how that compares to the grid samples.  My goal is to have a field with even fertility across all acres using variable rate fertilizer spreading.  Finally, Katy had the FCCLA banquet that evening. Here are a few pictures from our busy week.

Friday we worked ground all day and then made a trip to Tulsa to watch a niece graduate from Union High School as a valedictorian.  Union only had 1,042 graduates in its class of 2012.  That’s about 1000 more than we are used to at Afton!  Kody left for his senior trip to Kansas City for the weekend.

The corn is growing fast now and we sprayed all of it for a second time this week to take out all the weeds that had grown since planting.  We also side dressed the two fields that didn’t get all the nitrogen fertilizer ­– we didn’t strip till them because of rocky soil.

What a week with more busy days on the horizon. School is almost over and after Kody’s graduation next weekend, we’ll be just about ready to start wheat harvest.


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