Time flies when you’re having fun – The Webb family

Time flies when you’re having fun. It seems like yesterday I was writing last week’s blog.  We finished our last custom wheat hay baling this week and brought our custom rye wicking to a close also.  We got a couple more sets of cows and calves worked and look forward to finishing up the rest of them next week before harvest begins.  We have three more sets to go and spent some time this weekend getting them moved a little closer to the corral.

A baby calf hiding in the grass.

This weekend will probably find the combine creeping out of the barn for its pre-harvest maintenance.  Things were running fine when we pulled out of the last milo field last fall so I don’t expect anything major will need to be done.  We will change the engine oil and all the filters, grease and lube everything, and give the whole machine a very thorough inspection before heading toward the wheat fields.

It doesn’t take long to look around and be thankful for the moisture we’ve had this spring.  The green in the pastures is certainly a nice sight to behold.  It certainly renews my faith.

As I was learning to drive a tractor, my Grandpa went from sitting with me on the tractor to sitting at the edge of the field in his pickup while I worked the ground.  I was 12 years old when I was turned loose in the field by myself on his John Deere 4020 tractor to work ground.  I thought I was certainly closer to becoming a man than ever before when that day occurred.  I look back with such fond memories on the days that my dad and grandpa were teaching me and trusting me with the responsibilities that come with growing up working on a farm.  I still remember the struggle of learning how to shut a wire gate the my dad made it look easy and how to throw down a baby calf that weighed twice what I did.  Through all of the lessons and instructions, I think what stood out the most was to never give up.  Even when mistakes and shortfalls were made, I was encouraged to try again and give it my best.  I feel very blessed to have had parents and grandparents who took the time to teach me to work.

As I reflect on the last 12 months of the worst drought that I’ve experienced, I think that the building blocks I was taught from early on are at the foundation of why I persevere as hard as I do to be successful here on our operation.  As long as I remember, I’ve been told stories of past perils that confronted the generations that came before me.  One thing in common was that they never gave up.  Through faith in God and the willingness to work hard they overcame what seemed at times like hopeless situations.  I am proud to carry on and hope that I can instill in my sons the same reverence for what we do as I have.

I once heard that if you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.  Time flies when you’re having fun.

One thought on “Time flies when you’re having fun – The Webb family

  1. This wheat hay field looks amazing. Barry and I drove by a few times and took pics. They are posted on Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom Facebook page. AND it is Barry’s background page on his computer at work.
    Good luck with the remainder of harvest. I heard it raining here in Watonga last night.

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