Swing for the Fences – The Harris family

Harvest is in full swing and we are 3 days closer to being finished.  You know, it really doesn’t matter what type of agriculture you are in; each year you swing for the fence.  What I mean by that is we are hoping for a home run!  Ok, so maybe too many baseball analogies but when any farmer or rancher is planning their harvest for the next year, we are hoping that it will be that crop or set of animals that will truly “cash in” and put us ahead.   After last year’s severe drought, we weren’t over-the-moon-excited to plant this crop, we weren’t even sure it would come up out of the ground.  God is always so good.  He not only provided the moisture to emerge the crop in the fall but also provided ample water to make this year a record crop.  We were diligent to put in fertilizer and spray for disease and insects because every year we hope for the best.  This year looks like it will not disappoint.  We have cut about 600-700 acres.  We have wondered about this crop and its potential from the beginning.  We have seen how beautiful it looks and continued to pray for God’s protection during the storms and wind.  So far, the fields have been averaging well over 50; this means we are averaging 50 bushels per acre.  If it keeps this pace, it will be a record crop!  This is very exciting.  We have cut our faraway places first so we’ve had to do a lot of road travel. As we move to the closer fields, the pace of cutting will begin to pick up.  We will update more as the week goes on … it may just be some pictures and hopefully a video!

Check out the gallery of pictures below. It’s definitely a clear picture of our life right now! Have a blessed day.


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