What a day! – The Harris family

What a week – Zac really thought he could keep you updated more frequently but apparently he is failing! Ha! So I, Amy, have been nominated to write this week’s blog entry.  I hope I don’t get fired!  We have been cutting LOTS of good wheat … such a blessing.  We are finally about half done or maybe a little over half as of 11 p.m. on May 23.  We have had quite an exciting evening.  A fire struck out on a neighbor’s wheat stubble about 4 miles south of Zac’s dad’s house.  All hands on deck left harvest equipment to grab a water hose or drive plows or load vehicles with irreplaceable items.  With all this wind, God was just good to stop the fire without any structure fires and without it going to the far North Country.  In all the drive by vehicles, it was nice to have some Farm Bureau friends, The Null Family.  Janice was so helpful in everything from spraying the house down to helping load items from inside.  Her two young men, Brian and Colvin, were a blessing too.  They showed up with the water trailer and did a great job saturating the roof and ground around the house and diesel tanks.  This is what it means to be a Farm Bureau family.  Even when it is every wheat farmer’s prime time to make money; the family you have in Farm Bureau stops harvest to come lend a helping hand.  We’re praying no hot spots spark up in the next few days.  It certainly won’t take long in this wind to get some damage done in a hurry.  We seem to still be averaging well over 40 bushels an acre.  I can’t wait to see the final farm averages.  Zac says we just can’t seem to get any acres in a day because we are driving slower than we have in a few years because of the amount of bushels being run through the combine.

Volunteer fireman Trapper Heglin took this picture. Four fire stations and 8 hours later, the fire was out.

Another look at the wheat stubble fire.

We are still in the middle of softball and competitive t-ball and the last day of school is tomorrow!  This is me doing my happy dance!  You should see it – it’s pretty priceless!  Even with school ending, it seems we won’t be slowing down too much.  Well I still have dishes and laundry to do, backpacks to prepare for the last day of school, teacher gifts to get ready, meals going for tomorrow night’s supper and the task of picking up what all the little fingers found today!  Have a blessed night.


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