Oklahoma Wheat Harvest – The Webb family

This past week we were looking at the readiness of the wheat in the fields and taking a few pictures.  Wade and a couple of his friends have been pulling rye out of the wheat fields when they are not at spring football practice.  Clayton and Wade have also been in the hay fields working ground.  Clayton took his first solo flight since our last blog and felt totally exhilarated by the whole experience.  He even took some video to capture the moment.  We are so proud of him!

When he’s not on a tractor working ground, Brandon has been busy getting all of the equipment ready that we use at harvest.   It is a monumental undertaking but one we look forward to each and every year.  I have been stocking up on everyone’s favorite harvest
foods, drinks and snacks.  It has been a tradition to make goody bags to keep in the combine, wheat trucks and grain cart during harvest.  This year, Wade helped me pick out the goodies when we took his truck to get serviced in Weatherford.  We actually were able to sit down and have breakfast together while we waited, which of course was a rarity as well as a delight. We did take some time off to attend the Walleye Rodeo parade to watch Wade and Gage ride their four wheelers.  We also were blessed with another inch of rain over the weekend.  After the drought last year, we will take all the rain we can get … even at harvest time.


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