Blackberries and wheat – The Fisher family

This morning when I went to check on the cows, I took my berry bucket. I don’t know which I like more ­– picking blackberries or eating them. Wild blackberries are weeds in the cow pasture, so most of the time they get sprayed or mowed but we try to save some of them to enjoy. This has been a very good year for them and since my son and mother joined in the picking, we got 5 five-gallon buckets in the few hours before I had to get back to farm work. The small amount of rain we got was not nearly enough for the corn but too much for the wheat. We have finished harvesting some of the wheat and we have more that is almost ready. On the produce side of the farm, tomato and squash production have increased significantly this week.

The pictures below are from this week’s wheat harvest.


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