A good year – The Webb family

The culmination of our livelihood as farmers begins with wheat sowing and ends with the harvest.  All the rules go out the window and everything else takes a back seat.  All hands

Brandon cutting wheat as storm clouds loom in the background.

are on deck for this flurry of activity we call wheat harvest.  We pray for a bountiful harvest, we pray for everyone’s safety and protection and of course, minimal breakdowns.  We anxiously await the day we can move the combine into the field and get the show on the road.

Our sons, Clayton and Wade, waiting for the combines to fill their semis with grain.

The predictions of an early harvest were a reality this year.  We started cutting on May 22 and finished June 3.  It is the earliest we have ever started harvesting.  Apart from a few popcorn showers the last three days, things went as smoothly as we had prayed for.  We were pleased with the yields and are now ready to start working ground again to prepare for next year’s harvest.


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