Harvest and Driver’s Ed – The Leonard family

Another very busy week at the Leonard’s. However, it’s my turn, Katy, to write the blog as the youngest member of the family on the farm. We are almost halfway done with harvest. But I started driver’s Ed and worked a few heifers in the midst of all the moving of my dad. We had a few minor breakdowns but nothing that the John Deere mechanic can’t fix.  We are still moving right along with wheat harvest.

Harvesting wheat in northeast Oklahoma.

Monday, we started the day with everyone doing their part to service the combine. Kody greases, mom fuels, dad looks for broken or missing parts, and I clean the cab out and wash windows. Then mom and I went and cleaned her classroom and got her oil changed in her truck. By the time we got home, it was time to help move to another field. Dad finished his day with no breakdowns and got home about 8 pm.

Getting the combine ready for the day’s harvest.

Tuesday, we did the same old servicing of the combine. Then started cutting some wheat and about 2 pm he shut the combine off so he could go dump a truck. When he got back the combine would not start, so mom and I brought the jumper pack and that didn’t work. So dad wiggled the battery cables and it started. Then it would not move or do anything and it died; so, he called the John Deere mechanic about 6 pm. Turns out the circuit board in the armrest was fried and he had to get a new one.

Wednesday, we started the day by working some heifers and putting fly tags in their ears. By the time we got done about 8 am, the combine was ready to go cut some more wheat. We sent several trucks to the port at Inola.

Working calves and putting fly tags in their ears.

Thursday, I started Driver’s Ed. so from 7:30 am to 4 pm dad was on his own because Kody was mowing pastures and mom was in charge of running everyone where they needed to be. When I got home, it probably was not an hour and I get a call from dad. It was to tell Kody and I that he plugged the combine and we needed to bring the pry bar and a 4×4 to dig out all the green straw. It was really itchy! But they got him going again.

Friday, I had another day of learning to drive. Kody mowed some more pasture and mom helped move dad. We sent several trucks to the port. When I got home, I washed my show calf and cleaned pens.

Saturday dad took us all to breakfast at the local café. Then we serviced the combine and got several more trucks to the port. Dad had to get moved so he could keep the trucks moving. He also burned the feed accelerator belt off so he had to stop and find a new one.

Sunday we serviced and got everything ready to go. Then dad and I took off in the combine. We got about 10 to 15 acres done and found that the rotor drive belt and speed adjuster were leaking oil. So we went very slowly until the John Deere mechanic showed up just before dark. Then, once that was fixed we finished filling the last truck of the night.

Watch out! I’m driving the combine!

So our week was exciting for me because I’m one step closer to getting my permit, but mom and dad are getting nervous. However, the rest of our week was successful.


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