Sometimes you just can’t get ahead – The Harris family

First and most aggravating, is we are still dealing with the second cutting of Alfalfa that has been rolled and rolled and rolled again because of the rains we are having.  We will never complain of the rain anytime but I might complain of the stuff I can’t seem to mark off my to-do list because of it.  Really thought with the wet spring we might get six cuttings of alfalfa instead of just four or five this year.  Next up and falling further behind is the burn down of wheat stubble.  I relearn a lesson every year that it is a good idea to spray finesse in the spring on the wheat.  That basically saves the first summer spraying.  This year, we only put finesse on the farms we knew had a bad problem in an effort to conserve cost.  Where we did not spray we have a huge mares tail problem.

I can finally say we have a good stand of cotton only because Marshall planted it twice in two different directions.  I don’t think he was willing to admit defeat on the first attempt at a stand of cotton.  If you know of a big broadcast header for a John Deere stripper you might give me a call!  I keep accusing Marshall that he planned this as an excuse to use the Allis Strippers that are in the barn with the broadcast headers on them as well.  You know the strippers that I will inherit because he will never sell them – the 1982 models.  I could make someone a really good deal on them.

Adding to the urgency of time constraint because of the rains; we leave in about a week to head to Disneyland.   We are looking forward to the fun and the “getaway” but not looking like all the farming will be caught up before we leave.  Suppose it will be here when we get back but sure hate leaving without it all done.

This year, we seem to have a lot of eye problems with our cattle.  Seems it’s that way across the state; we’re taking several to the vet every day.  I have a bull that I bought last year that might even lose one of his eyes.

Last but not least, we are still running kids to ball games.  They both have week-long tournaments this week.  Going separate directions is not fun.  The girl’s softball team may even make it to state.  Have a few more games to win but in our regional tournament they are “ranked” second.   Pretty good considering they are a fairly young team and most of them didn’t even own a glove the first of March!

Well here’s to hoping I can get caught up!  “Catch” ya next week.

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