Finishing up harvest, planting, and cleaning up – The Leonard Family

Hello from the Leonard Farm; this is Katy writing this week. This past 2 weeks we have finished harvest and the double-crop planting. We finished combining last Sunday. The double-crop planting was finished Friday where we planted for a neighbor.

We have been cleaning the combine so that it is ready for corn harvest since we got about an inch of rain. Also, we have been delivering and selling seed to neighbors who are trying to finish planting.

Monday we went to a seed customers’ house to get some black boxes that had seed in them. Because every box means that much less we have on our bill, we then loaded 44 on a semi to be returned to Channel.

Tuesday, Kody and Dad went to Inola to get some extra seed so we had some extra on hand. Mom went and watched me play basketball at Quapaw that night and when Dad and Kody got home they came to my game.

Wednesday, we power-washed the combine. Dad was on the forklift and Kody and I were on a pallet, one with the soap brush and the other with the power washer gun.

Thursday, we went to get some more black boxes from a customer, and then came home and collapsed them so more could go on a truck.

Friday, Kody went back to custom planting and the rest of us put signs up in front of the corn and soybean test plots.

Saturday, Kody finished custom planting and the rest of the family mowed grandmas’ yard and rested.

Well, this week has been a week of finishing up.


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