A hot, dry summer – and a fire – The Webb Family

Summer is definitely here.  100+ degree days are far too familiar and unfortunately more are on the way.  I hope we’re not in for a repeat of last summer.  I am so very thankful that we were able to get as much wheat and rye hay put up this year as we did.  That will help immensely.

We are getting quite dry here.  We abandoned our plans to plant 450 acres of milo. I just didn’t think we had the moisture to risk the expense.  We planted 140 acres of hay grazer and pearl millet for hay though.  We got it in on June 11.  It’s about a foot tall now and looks pretty good but is starting to show some stress due to the heat and lack of rainfall.

Our grass is starting to lose its green.  Some of it is starting to turn a little brown.  I think we will wean the calves off the cows early like we did last summer because of the drought like conditions that appear to be setting up again this year.  They are forecasting a chance of rain early next week.  I hope and pray that we will receive a good rain.

With things getting so dry, the threat of fires is becoming more prevalent. Clayton and I took two  pickups and went to one of our neighbors farms about 10 miles away and helped him move about 150 round bales out of the path of a wildfire that started over the 4th of July.  We arrived about 30 minutes after receiving the call for help and it was truly a blessing to find half a dozen other neighbors and friends already there helping to move his hay. Fortunately, he had his bales in stacks of about 50 with a separation between stacks.  He lost one of the stacks to the fire but the others were spared.


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