Even the grasshoppers look for shade – The Fisher Family

Corn harvest started in July for us. The rain last spring was just enough to make a little corn. So far we are getting almost 40 bushel to the acre.  The kernels look like pointed popcorn. It is so hot and dry we are blessed to get any corn at all.

Dried-down corn awaiting harvest.

For the most part the old 6600 is holding up good. Don’t get me wrong, we get to tinker on it often enough. The a/c is needing most of the attention. August has started, so maybe four more weeks ’til cooler temps or less, but we are getting good dry down weather for the corn.

Andrew has been running the combine, today his little twin sisters took turns combining corn with him. I checked on them every once in a while, but mostly I filled my day moving round hay, which I hope to not feed too soon.

I moved cattle to a different pasture and am supplementing the pasture with protein tubs. Most of my stock ponds are the driest since they were dug.

Do grasshoppers like round bales? As I picked the up hay, hundreds of  grasshoppers moved away. We have had no new growth since the hay was cut earlier this summer, so maybe they are eating the hay. Or maybe they just like the shade.


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