On the road again – The Harris Family

A hay field in August – not much out there

The heat of the summer is about like the dead cold of winter.  You wake up earlier than normal, work as hard as you can, and when it’s unbearable you find an excuse to head to the house.  I spend that time playing on Tractorhouse or a comparable website or magazine and think about all the payments I NEED to have.  In fact, Friday morning a college buddy of mine, Landon Hunt from Grandfield, and I are heading to Kansas to look at a couple of no-till air seeders.

In past blog entries, we were still ripping, I am happy to say that project is finished.   We have been moving more cattle around to better pastures and losing water sources.  We have had to install two more solar pumps in the 50’s model wells like we did last year.  We have also changed oil in most all the tractors that belong to Harris Farms.

Amy likes to plan “events” so that it forces 2 things to happen: 1 – I will be home 2 – I will be forced to do some things on my honey do list!  So last night, Thursday, we hosted an area YF&R swim/cookout.  We had a blast.

We invited other young farmers and and ranchers for a YF&R pool party.

Seems like I have been way busier than what this blog entails because I work 7 days a week and Marshall, my dad, is quick to let me know how much is still not getting done.  We did however have the promise of rainbows and the smell of rain in the air.  Hobart didn’t actually get to see as much of it as neighboring communities like Granite.  I think Granite received close to an inch.  Either way, God delivered us from the drought last year with a bumper wheat crop and know He will deliver us again from this drought.


One thought on “On the road again – The Harris Family

  1. Farm life…. 24/7 and then some. We always look at being busy like this; if you can’t find anything to do…. then you need to buy something to keep you busy.

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