Transition time – The Leonard Family

The Leonards can see corn harvest winding down and will be complete by the end of the week. This year’s harvest was not as poor as last year’s; but the lack of rain and high temperatures made it a very low yielding harvest. The week brought the completion of one of the tractors. Its front end was overhauled. This is a welcome completion for now; since harvest is almost over, corn stocks will need to be cut up and prepared for the next crop of wheat to be planted.

Greg and Kody attended a seed dealer meeting in Kansas City and Katy and Mary held down the fort at home.

Last Saturday brought some much-needed rain – about half an inch; but it also brought some storm damage. We lost the some trees, the kids’ trampoline and an auger on one of the feed bins.

Kody and Katy are preparing for the county fair with their animals. They both show sheep, and Katy will also show a heifer.

On the 15th of the month, Katy will start her sophomore year at Afton High School. Kody will begin his freshman year at North Eastern A&M College and Mary will start back to school on the 23rd.


1 thought on “Transition time – The Leonard Family

  1. Sounds like corn harvest for us…. not as good as it could have been, but better than last year.
    Glad you for the tractor fixed seems like the hotter it gets the more things that break down.
    When will you start planting wheat?

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