Fires all around – The Fisher Family

A hay bale smolders after the Fisher family’s baler caught fire.

We have had two equipment fires recently. I lost my round baler and the neighbor who sold me the baler lost his tractor. Both could have been saved if a good fire extinguisher had been available. When our round baler caught fire I panicked and couldn’t push the computer button twice in a row to get the bale out until it was too late. The local volunteer fire department from Slick did a great job with getting to us fast. Without them the fire would have reached the cornfield.

The neighbor’s Kubota tractor caught fire while driving down the road. The gauges were jumping around and there was a burning smell, so the driver got off to look, and when he popped the hood he opened a fire ball. Two of my kids had just pulled onto the road to come home for lunch and called me. They were able to pull the baler away with their 4 wheel drive.

Although the Fishers’ neighbor’s tractor burned, they were able to detach the baler.

We still have our farms but it was a close call, too much adrenaline for me! Both were such sad losses, but nothing like what is happening right here in Creek County.

Hundred of homes, barns, balers, tractors, hay and cattle were all destroyed by fires in the past few weeks. We appreciate our volunteer fire department that keeps a sharp eye out for smoke We are also stocking up on bigger and better fire extinguishers.




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