Ready for Fall – The Fisher Family

We did get two good rains the last month.  One week we got over a inch and the next week it did the same. After the second rain, we finally had some green grass. We had nothing green for most of the summer, but it is looking better out.

I still am feeding cattle hay every day. I do not have water everywhere i have grass.  Next Monday I am going to sell calves and move the stock to new pasture. I was hoping for some more rain today, but we will see.

Two weeks ago, the day of our last rain, I planted oats, wheat and clover for fall pasture. I have a good stand, but the 100-plus-degree temperatures every day since I planted have not helped.

We have our ground ready for wheat planting as soon as we have the moisture.

The big news for our life is the upcoming wedding of our oldest son Luke and his  fiancee Chantée. I am so happy for them both.

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