Preparing to seed wheat – The Leonard Family

It is a Saturday morning and it is raining on the Leonard farm. We have got some much-needed rain – approximately 2.5 inches. Recently we have been cleaning ponds and working on preparing ground for planting wheat.

Dad and another farmer went to the Farm Progress show in Boone, Iowa, where they saw new technology in the farming industry and saw some friends who he served on the American Soybean Association with.

Also, we have been running a vertical tillage tool over all of our corn and grain sorghum ground along with soil sampling to see what our fertilizer needs are to grow wheat. We also have run a land leveler over a new piece of ground to level and fill in some holes. We also traded our 30-foot Great Plains grain drill in for a 40-foot one so we are able to cover more ground faster reducing the amount of wear on the implement over time. Recently, dad drove out to Kingfisher to look a tractor we are thinking about buying to replace a tractor we got stolen in November of last year.

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