Dry then, dry now – The Harris Family

WOW! Has this summer flown by or what?  I know it seems like just yesterday we were asked to write a blog for Farm Bureau and now we are six months in and weeks behind. Where to we begin?  Lets start in reverse order for now.

We had our County Free Fair, and our oldest daughter, Kenda, was in the ring with her Miniature Hereford Steer.  She is only 8, so it was her first time in the ring.  We were so very proud of how she handled herself.  The steer did great.  She was the only one on the Miniature side of things, so she was a Champion.  That always makes you feel good.  Since he has been home, things are going well and we are working to prepare for Tulsa State Fair.  Hope it goes just as smoothly.

On the farming side of things, we are still waiting for that 2-inch rain we put in a request for many moons ago… So whoever is holding this requisition up, I wish they would just sign on the dotted line.  But in all fairness, God blessed us last winter and this summer with an abundant wheat crop and we were A LOT more desperate for rain a year ago.  So we are just harrowing a few farms trying to smooth out some clods and getting the 3 air seeders ready to roll at the first sign of moisture.

I purchased a John Deere 9650 combine about 3 weeks ago.  I have multiple plans in place for the machine, but mostly I just missed having/trading green combines.  I have a problem, I realize that!  If you are looking for a good one, give me a call!

We started fall calving.  I think this may be the reason we have put off updating the blog.  I kept thinking we would actually be able to keep some alive long enough to sneak a picture in!  Hasn’t been the case so far!  It’s been a rough go of it.  Lost around 6 out of 9 from one pasture so far!  That’s a conservative figure.  It’s fair to say I’m hoping calving ends better than it started.  It seems like the heat wave that went through here just did a number on the calves, mommas and us.  We worked all day trying to bring new ones in to put under fans and misters, while someone else was hauling off dead ones.

The 2005 Air Seeder we purchased around a month ago finally was picked up and on location the last few weeks… so we have been working on it.  Trying to make sure it was ready to go.  So just for a trial run on Monday I went to over seed a pasture we heavily use across from Marshall’s house.  It ran really well; just a few small things to adjust before we can “rock and roll!”

Probably the biggest adjustment and exciting news around our house is we are homeschooling our kids.  They did start school locally at public school, but we have been praying for months about where God wanted us and what He needed us to do.  He answered that prayer and out of obedience we are homeschooling.  It has been a blessing so far.

We did have the cotton adjuster out and know some numbers… I don’t want to give it all away.  I will leave a little suspense for next time.  Until then, don’t keep all the rain for yourself.

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