Preparing for the next growing season – The Leonard Family

Editor’s Note: Today we are kicking off our Harvest Watch blog for 2013. Watch for more updates from last year’s families as well as posts from some new faces. We hope you’ll join us as we follow Oklahoma farmers and ranchers through another growing season.

This past month we have been doing our winter maintenance on the tractors and the combine to get them ready for strip tilling, planting, and combining wheat.


The new caddy cart that allows the Leonards to move nitrogen tanks from the tractor to the strip-till bar.

Since our last blog, we bought a caddie cart to put our strip-till bar on to keep the liquid nitrogen tanks off the tractor and to help reduce the wear and tear on the tractor. On the combine, we are in the process of putting a new feeder house chain and getting the auger in the grain tank reflighted.

On the cattle side of things, we have been feeding and haying every day to keep the cattle healthy. We have also been fixing fence at a rent pasture so that dad’s cows will stay in. For some reason, he says it is always my cows’ fault that his get out.

The Leonards working cattle.

The Leonards working cattle.

On Saturday, we worked a group of heifers while he had them up, since my little sister was getting her former show heifers preg checked. We also ground feed for the cows and calves so that Katy and I did not have to this week while mom and dad were gone to Cancun on a Channel seed achievement series trip.

We are also in the process of building a seed warehouse where we will store the seed we sell for Channel throughout the year.


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