Shipping cattle, chickens and a photo of a baby lamb – The Bolen Family


Shipping Cattle on the Bolens’ farm.

We just recently marketed our yearling steers. I couldn’t help but think when loading these fellows how much blood, sweat and tears go into a year’s worth of production. It has taken our operation years to be able to market a full load of uniform, home-raised steers.

Our cows are mainly red angus with a touch of beefmaster. We calve on a 60-90 days calving season. I have learned the hard way that you can manage or be managed. With our operation being so diverse, we are forced into time and resource management. So a cow in our operation is going to have to do her duty, or we find her a new home.

We are also sending chickens to be processed this week. It takes 54-56 days from the time they hatch until harvest at 7.5-8 pounds.


It’s lambing season here at Bolen Farms. Our two youngest daughters Anna and Autumn helping process baby lambs.

No, we don’t feed hormones or steroids. When my dad started the poultry operation, it took  40-plus days for birds to reach 4 pounds. Modern advancement with regards to nutrition, genetics, housing and management have become micro-managed to allow for rapid growth and performance.

Our houses are computer controlled and they provide a near-perfect environment inside, no matter the outside temperature or conditions.  Our birds are happy, happy, happy or we don’t make a profit!  We are monitored by Tyson throughout the growout. We all take pride in maintaining proper animal husbandry practices.


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