Fun and work in the snow – The Graves Family

Yay! Snow! We are so excited to get moisture. I think we received about a foot of snow. It was slow going for the guys Thursday morning, and it will be very muddy once it warms up, but it’s so much better than choking on dust all day long.

Spraying on the Graves farm.

Spraying on the Graves farm.

Gary, Matt, and Jake have been busy this week with feeding all the cattle, moving and sorting cows, finishing up spraying and harrowing the alfalfa fields. Monday, Matt and Jake moved the heifers here to the farm. They will be calving soon and it’s good to have them close. Tuesday, Gary sprayed the alfalfa field near the house before the wind got bad.

We got the report on Wednesday about snow coming. Thursday I woke to my phone going off at 5:30 a.m. with a text message reporting school was canceled. Do you think Xander slept in? NO! He gets up around 7 a.m. every morning; occasionally I have to wake him up. School was also canceled on Friday.

Keira and I spent our days in the office getting paperwork together for taxes, paying bills, filing, and entering stuff into the computer. We also cooked for the guys all week.

Matt, the kids, and I were supposed to head to Maize, KS, Thursday and spend the night, but the weather didn’t allow for that. The Maize Corporation was having training on big square balers Friday. I don’t know if they will reschedule.

The kids have enjoyed playing in the snow. We made snow ice cream. There are no big hills close to our house, so Granddad Gary took Xander, Keira and their two cousins, Rustin and Tayte Dome, on the inner tube pulled by the Ranger. I even rode one time with Keira. Snow on the horizon for Monday morning, we’ll wait and see.


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