Late February snow makes life difficult – The Webb Family

The Webb family feeding cows in the snow.

The Webb family feeding cows in the snow.

Monday, February 26th brought with it 3 inches of rain followed by 12-15 inches of snow. The winds got up to 40 mph causing quite a blizzard. Wade and I had put out a good amount of hay Sunday afternoon in case the snowstorm came in like the forecasters had predicted. Monday afternoon we were sure glad we had done so. We purposely keep our mother cows in pastures where they can find protection from the wind in wooded areas during the winter months. So when a storm like that hits, we leave the cattle alone until it passes over.

We woke up Tuesday to clearing skies and a blanket of white. We fed with two tractors and a pickup. I had a dozer blade on the tractor I was in and pushed open a trail. Some of the snow drifts were over 5 feet tall. Wade followed in a pickup with 2 bales of hay and a box of cattle feed and Clayton followed in a tractor carrying 3 bales of hay. We started about 8 that morning and rolled in around 7 that evening.

We lost our electricity Monday at 12:30 pm. We hooked up a generator later that afternoon and ran it until Saturday evening. Wednesday’s feeding ran about the same. Thursday we were able to feed with two pickups and one tractor, which sped up the feeding quite a bit. Most of the snow was melted off by Sunday afternoon. We ended up with a little over 4 inches worth moisture and are thankful for every bit of it.


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