Success at OYE – The Bolen Family

Anna Bolen in the showmanship contest

Anna Bolen in the showmanship contest

We spent our spring break in Oklahoma City at OYE showing sheep. Our daughter Bay won the sixteen-year-old sheep showmanship division out of 45 participants. I think she has been showing at OYE for maybe 5 years and has never even placed for showmanship there. It’s really difficult to catch the judge’s eye with that many good showmen in the ring at one time. But this time she got the payoff for years and hours of working her lambs at home. Bay also showed a ewe that didn’t place and a whether that placed 10th.
 Anna showed for showmanship and didn’t get pulled for a placing spot, but did a great job. She also showed a ewe that didn’t place. Autumn, our youngest, had a lamb, but the lamb was ill and couldn’t make the trip.


Bay showing her lamb at OYE.

We had a good time together as a family even though it’s a lot of work and sometimes a bit stressful. We use every opportunity at such events for learning experiences that are almost endless. The girls even got some time to go shopping at the local malls. I on the other hand got to visit with several old friends and college acquaintances.

As I’ve stated before, the young people involved with 4-H and FFA are second to none in my opinion.

Also, the OYE staff need to be commended for their hard work and dedication to the youth of this state.


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