Attending the Women in Ag conference – The Williams Family

Upon returning from the national YF&R conference, Marty whole-heartedly offered to watch both kids despite the ever-present long list of projects, while I attend the local Women in Ag Conference held in Tonkawa.  I was tired and felt the kids needed me to stay home, but felt I also might learn something. I try to take advantage of any learning opportunity available for the farm wife.  Plus this is always a great conference to attend as it is jam-packed with ideas for women like me who married into the farm life or those fortunate to be born and raised farm- and ranch-savvy.    Great information and enthusiasm is offered in just a few hours.  One keynote speaker was Dr. Christine Rattin, D.O., from the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, speaking on Women’s Hearth Health.

OSU Extension Agents helping with another successful                                         Women in Ag Conference.

OSU Extension Agents helping with another successful
Women in Ag Conference.

Heart disease is the #1 culprit to women, more so than breast cancer and all cancers combined. Yikes! Got my attention. Certainly doesn’t put the other cancers on the back burner, just makes you want to pay attention to your heart health a lot more. And yes, just like breast cancer, this disease has been showing up in younger people…though it is not as common…just be aware. It’s not a bad idea for young mothers, or older women as well, to get your cholesterol and blood pressure checked periodically through the year.  I know first-hand how we as parents and farmers put health on the back burner … but we shouldn’t. We have to take initiative for our own health – no one else will.  Yep, makes you think about eating healthier too, and nixing those energy drinks, which according to Dr. Rattin are not good.   The symptoms show up differently in women than in men. Here’s a link for more info:

The two breakout sessions I chose to attend were “Planning & Preparing Frozen Meals” because time is of the essence in the country, away from the everyday conveniences of city life.  I’m going on 10 years of trying to learn the in’s and out’s of planning & prepping food economically and efficiently. I’m still not great at it.  I also learned about water rights, and permits.  Water rights is an interesting hot topic for political conversation around not just our state but also the nation.  I will leave it at that, but I encourage you to read and stay aware of the water topic.


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