Harvest came and went, and rain has returned – The Kinder Family

Hello everyone! It has been a few months since I have blogged but it has been a busy few!

Kody and Ashley in front of the White House during Farm Bureau's Congressional Action Tour in Aprl

Kody and Ashley in front of the White House during Farm Bureau’s Congressional Action Tour in Aprl

Kody and I attended the Congressional Action Tour in Washington D.C. with our fellow YF&R committee members as well as the State Board. It was a great trip! We are so glad to be part of an organization that gives such fun and educational opportunities to us! We had an amazing time and got to see A LOT of beautiful monuments.

Harvest 2014 has come and gone for our families. It was a hard one for the Kinder side, as it was the first one since “papa Jim” had passed. He was always such a big part of the farm and the rock of the family. We got through it, though it was tough.

As for my family, it was a short harvest. Not many acres to cut, but it got done and the combines are back in the barn until next year!

Running water over a low crossing of Deep Red Creek.

Running water over a low crossing of Deep Red Creek.

RAIN! RAIN! RAIN!! We have got some rain over the last few months! The picture is just a few miles south of our house in Cotton County. It is Deep Red Creek. It was such a beautiful sight and sound to see so much water flowing in Southwest Oklahoma! Thank you Lord for the Water!

We continue to be busy with our jobs. Kody is still protecting Cotton County as Sargent for the Sheriff’s Department. I continue to work at FSA! We have our cattle program that is being offered right now, so that is what takes most of my time. I count cows and calves all day! It has sure been worth it to see the farmers smile again after the terrible years of drought!

We hope that you too are enjoying some water in your areas!

Until Next Time!!

Kody & Ashley Kinder

Let it rain – The Kinder Family

Rain falling outside Ashley's office on March 26.

Rain falling outside Ashley’s office on March 26.

Today there is this wet stuff falling from the sky in southwest Oklahoma! We aren’t sure, but we think that is called RAIN!!!!!!!!!!   It is great and we hope that is will continue to come down, The Good Lord willing.

We also received a little shower last week that perked up the wheat. Hope that it and the rain today will help so that we are able to have a fair wheat harvest in the months ahead!

Kody and I are getting excited about going to Washington DC for the OFB Congressional Action Tour that is coming up on April 6-10. We are looking forward to meeting lots of new people as well as getting to spend some time with other YF&R Committee members.

A weather radar view of the storm that moved through Oklahoma on March 26.

A weather radar view of the storm that moved through Oklahoma on March 26.

There hasn’t been a lot happening around our part of the world right now. We are very grateful for the blessing of rain and hope that you received some too! Next month we will be talking about our DC trip. Until then, take care!

Through February and calving season – The Kinder Family

A momma cow and her new calf.

A momma cow and her new calf.

Well we made it through February-THE LOVE MONTH!   It isn’t just love month for us humans, it’s also love month for our cattle too due to it being calving season – A Mother’s Love!

It was again a roller coaster month as far as the temperature in Cotton County as well as all over this great state: as low as 19 degrees for the high one day to another having a high of 79 degrees.   That doesn’t make for an easy calving season with that big of a variety of temperatures.  As farmers and ranchers, we have to be out and about no matter how cold, or hot, and make sure that the livestock are all okay!  It is even more important during the calving season to make sure that we don’t lose any of your our crop, especially with the cattle prices these days!

Ashley's dad, Ray, & Kody breaking ice for cattle.

Ashley’s dad, Ray, & Kody breaking ice for cattle.

There is nothing like seeing a newborn baby calf.  It’s a special privilege to see the mother licking to make sure that her baby is all cleaned up and ready to start life.  She is also very protective to make sure that the calf is safe – A Mother’s Love!

I know that this isn’t much of our farm life, but we are just getting started!   Hope that you all are staying warm!  Talk to you soon!

Kicking off a cold year – The Kinder Family

Kody & Ashley Kinder

Kody & Ashley Kinder

Hey everyone!  We are Kody and Ashley Kinder, your Oklahoma Farm Bureau Young Farmers & Ranchers District 4 representatives.  It is cold and dry in our part of Oklahoma.  We live out on Kody’s family’s land about a mile from his family farm headquarters.  Both of our families are farm families and we love getting the opportunity to help on the farm operations when possible.  Kody’s family has wheat, canola, sesame, and stocker cattle.  My families operation consists of wheat and cattle.  Kody currently works for the Cotton County Sheriff’s Department and I currently work for the Cotton County Farm Service Agency.

Winter morning sky over Ahpeatone Elevator in Cotton County, Oklahoma.

Winter morning sky over Ahpeatone Elevator in Cotton County, Oklahoma.

We are blessed to have both our families close to us and that we get to spend lots of time with them!  We have lots of fun when we get together and always love hearing our families talk about what is currently going on in each of their farm operations.  When we get the chance, we enjoy driving around and looking at the cattle.  Just a few weeks ago we caught this picture, which is about 2 miles west of our home.

This is our first time to write something for the blog.  Above is just a little about who we are and where we come from!   In the months to come we look forward to showing and telling you what is happening with us and on the farms!

Talk to you soon!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8