Seed and calves everywhere – The Leonard Family

This week’s entry was written by Katy Leonard.

In the past month we have been unloading a BUNCH of seed in to the new seed warehouse, which is almost full. We have also been busy every evening tagging our spring calves, which with the weather the way it has been, the calves have been more like winter calves. There for awhile our garage was a baby calf barn it seemed like, from just warming some calves up, to doctoring and nursing them, to just keeping them alive.

But with all of that said, spring calving season is very close to being complete. Last week we took a load of yearling steers, a few cows that lost their

calf, and a bull to the sale. Dad has also tried to strip-till in preparation to plant corn. However, according to the calendar we will be planting late because it has rained and it was snowing this morning.

In the mix of all this, I went to OYE in Oklahoma City and showed a Hampshire ewe, which I placed 5th out of 27 in my class.

This last week Kody, my mom and I have been on spring break. Kody tore out fence and rebuilt it at our rent pasture. Dad is really hoping that the ground will warm up and dry out so he can start planting corn.

Success at the county show – The Bolen Family

Bay and her ewe lamb, which was named  reserve-champion cross and best county-bred at the McCurtain County Spring Show.

Bay and her ewe lamb, which was named reserve-champion cross and best county-bred at the McCurtain County Spring Show.

This pic is of my daughter, Bay, and her ewe lamb that we just showed at our county spring show. The ewe was one that we raised, and it was reserve-champion cross and best county-bred. Our county has a spring and fall show that is well attended by all species of animals. Bay also was champion showman. Anna, also pictured with the judge, placed her two sheep, and Autumns lamb was sick and couldn’t be shown. Next week will be OYE, and hopefully we will be ready for it.

Next is a pic of all the showmanship winners at the county show. A lot of numerical figures get tossed around about the number-one agriculture commodity in our state. I firmly believe that farm children are by far the greatest product of agriculture. I believe there is no other means of instilling character, discipline, tenacity, work ethic, love, hope, faith and whatever else there is to being a productive member of society. We are richly blessed with a lifestyle that allows for us to do things daily as a family.