Hoping for those “April showers” – The Harris Family

March always seems to fly by!

Zac is busy fabricating equipment to do all the things he has thought about all winter long, and most projects must be finished by April in time to use them. He also has been spraying the failed canola.

Kenda showed her first market steer at the Oklahoma Youth Expo. It was a steer we raised. She won her class and made the sale of champions as the 7th crossbred steer in the sale. In the crossbred division there were 140 steers.  Super proud of all her hard work.

We are hoping for the April showers wives tale to be true. We sure would like it to bring about some May “flowers!”  Wheat and barley need a drink and what canola that hasn’t gotten frozen out needs one too. We will begin planting milo after we return from the Legislative Action Tour in Washington DC.

Have a great one,

Zac and Amy

High school graduation and harvest preparations – The Leonard family

Hello. This is the Leonards’ son, Kody, writing this week …

This past week has been a busy one with preparing for wheat harvest and my high school

Preparing our John Deere 9750 combine for wheat harvest.

graduation. Monday we planted a field west of our house to milo. Afterward, my dad moved on to try and get our 9750 combine ready for wheat harvest. My grandparents also came on Monday for my graduation.

Tuesday we put the cover plates back on our 9750 combine with the help of some neighbors and myself before I went on school. After school, I came home to find them trying to put a new tube on the unloading auger – last year during wheat harvest my dad forgot to put it back and hit a highline pole, OOPS.

Wednesday we ground feed for our fall born calves, which we are feeding in a creep

Some of the seed we have in storage for customers.

feeder. Then after lunch, my dad and I sorted seed into rows by customer in our shop so that when harvest starts and we are in the field, my mom and sister can load our customers and bring us seed.

With Thursday came delivering seed to a customer to make room for more seed that was expected to come in Friday. My sister and I had a school fun day where we play different games such as flag football, softball, and basketball against each class at our high school. Then I attended my senior award ceremony where I was awarded the Ottawa County Farm Bureau scholarship and a YF&R state scholarship.

My senior awards assembly at Afton High School.

Friday was the last day of school and our school teacher award assembly. We also had to make a small repair to our planting tractor but the main event of the day was my high

Making a few repairs to our planting tractor.

school graduation and valedictorian speech, which was a success.

Finally on Saturday I picked up the rest of our first cutting of hay. Also, we tried cutting some barley and wheat, but found we are about a week away from getting serious about cutting either one. While cutting enough to get a sample, we saw signs of what might be a successful crop.

I’m now a high school graduate, college bound!

New ground, replanting, soybean seed and the farm bill – The Leonard family

Hi again from northeast Oklahoma.  Its hard to believe that it’s almost May and the wheat is already starting to change colors and the barley is getting yellow already.  In the last ten days, we have seen the corn start to grow and also had to replant some low spots that

One of the many tractors we use on the Leonard farm.

didn’t get a good stand due to too much water in the fields at times.  Many neighbors have or are baling their first cutting of fescue hay and we will do ours next week.

I attended a seed dealer in-the-field training day learning about seedling disease, planter setting mistakes, and many issues with the insect populations and how the mild winter has and will likely affect the corn growing season this year.  It was a good day spent with the company agronomist out in real corn fields, learning new things and reaffirming some old ideas that need refreshed every now and then.  Our seed business has kicked into

It's a busy time of year trying to keep up with the supply for our seed business.

overdrive this week with the shipping of soybean and milo seed.  We have unloaded 6 semi loads this week with two more due the first of next week.  For every load we get, we then have to either unload it at a farmers farm or unload it here, break it into smaller orders, and then have the farmer pick it up or take it out to their farms.  All this has to be done as we keep our other stuff going while making room in the warehouse to keep floor space for the next load coming in.

Greg moving seed back and forth to our customers.

This past week, we got the opportunity to lease another 200 acres of farm ground as a neighbor retired and sold his farm.  We were able to get the rest of his families farm ground

Maintenance on our new lease ground.

that didn’t sell.  So with new ground it means soil sampling, fixing drainage issues (moving dirt with the bull dozer and scraper), getting the weeds that have grown so far this spring under control and ordering more seed to have to plant the ground.



It take some bulldozing and scraping on our new lease land to prepare it for crops.

Another item taking some time this week has been the movement of a farm bill in the senate Ag committee.  The Farm Bureau farm bill committee has been trading phone calls and emails almost daily since last week when our chairmen testified before the house Ag committee in Dodge City, Kansas, to when the bill got voted out of the senate committee this week.  Its been a real honor to work with this group of men and see the respect that our elected officials have for the Oklahoma Farm Bureau and how closely they have wanted to work with us on the farm bill.

Kody and Katy have been busy with Crop Judging contests, track meets, prom and Kody with his graduation stuff and preparing his valedictorian speech.  They also feed their animals (which grew by two this week with two new FFA sheep) and helping dad sort seed, fix tractors, check our cows and keep the neighbor bulls on their side of the fence.

Mary has been busy with spring follies this week at her school, helping her mom now back in Vinita with her rehabilitation, and keeping all of us in place and on time for all of our meeting and contests.