Early Rye and a Bull Sale – The Webb Family

Rye in our country usually starts to head out around the third week of April, but like everything else this last year, it’s on its own schedule and it’s early.  A few farmers are starting to lay some of their rye down for hay, man it’s early.  We usually lay our rye down around April 20 but it’s fully headed now.  Typically as soon as it heads, it starts losing leaves, which is why we try to cut it when it’s about 50 to 75% headed.  It’s sometimes a

We were able to apply fertilizer and weed killer to about 400 acres of bermuda grass before a nice quarter-inch rain.

struggle to get it to cure in late April, which has me wondering what will happen laying it down this early.  We saved 160 acres to lay down for hay this spring and have decided to monitor it and let it remain standing until it starts losing leaves.  It’s not “normal” but nothing has seemed “normal” for the past 18 months.  We’re going to hay 480 acres of wheat, which will probably be earlier than usual too.  I’ll keep you posted as that gets closer.

We started fertilizing and applying weed killer to our bermuda grass.  We have about 1,000 acres to get over and we covered 400 acres before the nice quarter inch rain this morning.  We should finish up this week.  We hire an aerial sprayer to apply weed killer to

Our son, Clayton, filling the fence row sprayer.

our native pastures.  I turned in the acres yesterday, so they should get started soon. Clayton finished up our fence row spraying to keep the feral rye from getting a foothold on the edge of our wheat fields.

Cari and I went to a bull sale, B&D Herefords, on a ranch near Claflin, KS, last Tuesday.  It is our third year to buy bulls there.  We bought 3, two-year-old bulls, which they delivered to our farm.  We branded, ear tagged, and turned them out with a herd of 40 Angus cows the next day.  Pictured

Our son, Wade, and a friend move cattle to another pasture.

with one of the new bulls is a half Hereford, half Angus calf whose sire is one of the bulls we bought from B&D two years ago.  I really appreciate the good dispositions and genetics that Herefords bring to our herd.

Our heifers continue to calve daily.  We are all looking forward to them finishing up.

A hereford-cross calf out of one of the B&D bulls we bought last year.