The return of the feed grinder – The Bolen Family

Probably like a lot of folks, our feed grinder got brought out of retirement this past year. We had gotten lazy with somewhat cheap feed and just bought it already ground and mixed. With the high price of corn and all the added cost at the feed store, we went back to making our own ewe and lamb creep feed. We mainly dry-lot our ewes because if we allow them to graze it seems we struggle too much with internal parasites (worms).

Grinding sheep feed on the Bolen farm.

Grinding sheep feed on the Bolen farm.

We also received a new flock of baby chickens in the four houses close to our home place. We have the other four houses set a week apart, so we have the work spread over a little more time.

We are still in full-blown calving season. We have close to 60 on the ground now. In fact, I’m sitting in my pickup writing this on my iPhone waiting on and watching a first-calf heifer.

We have been blessed with rain and mild weather compared to the rest of the state. One thing that keeps concerning me is how quickly it dries out after these rains. We are normally knee-deep in mud this time of year. We will see what this next spring and summer has in store. None of our ponds are completely full. They are, however, in way better shape now than they were last fall.

Next week is our county livestock show, so I hope we are reporting success from the competition.