Full summer days – The Fisher Family

Summer days are long and full.  Working from daylight to dark can make a full day.

Potatoes ready to be sold at the Oklahoma Food Co-Op.

We are having a real long dry spell.  We got a good rain in April, so everything is turning brown.  Somehow the corn is going to make a partial crop.

Dry weather is good for hay.  We mowed hay yesterday and will roll it up today.  I am selling calves at the Holdenville sale barn today, but they were shipped yesterday.

The Fisher family loads a wagon with sweet corn.

Our morning started with picking a wagon load of corn.  Just enough corn for the sales here at our house.  We also dug potatoes to be sold at the Oklahoma Food Coop which is Thursday this week.  It makes for a good night’s sleep.

The Fisher family, Bristow, OK

Hi, my name is Kenny Fisher. I am a small farmer-rancher in the bottom corner of Creek County. I have a wife and six children, four grown and twins in the second grade. We will be sharing stories and pictures from our farm through the growing season this year. Spring has arrived! Here are a few pictures from the farm this week.