Little green heads pushing through – The Fisher Family

Fisher33-5-13The little green heads are pushing up through the dirt, and my heart is smiling. I love working with living things, from the sturdy little tomato seedlings to the bottle-fed lambs that follow my footsteps all over the farm!

As the days grow longer and the plants grow taller, we look forward to (soon) providing fresh produce for our customers’ tables once more. In the meanwhile, enjoy the pictures of the progress. 🙂

Fisher13-5-13I treasure this simple life, which brings us closer together and closer to God.

“And sow the fields, and plant vineyards, that they may yield a fruitful harvest.” Psalm 107:37


-Chantée Fisher

Chantée is the newest member of the Fisher family. She married our son Luke last fall and they run the organic produce business.

CSA garden party – The Fisher Family

We had a customer appreciation dinner in the front yard and a farm tour.

The dinner was made from the garden. We ate outside sitting on straw bales covered with quilts. The tour was a hay ride on old wagons. Everyone enjoyed the farm experience and the evening together.  It was pleasant.

For me it was meeting the nice folks that buy my son’s vegetables.

Here are a few pictures:

The Fisher family, Bristow, OK

Hi, my name is Kenny Fisher. I am a small farmer-rancher in the bottom corner of Creek County. I have a wife and six children, four grown and twins in the second grade. We will be sharing stories and pictures from our farm through the growing season this year. Spring has arrived! Here are a few pictures from the farm this week.