Fly over states – The Harris Family

The Harris kids waiting for Luigi's flying tires at Disneyland

The Harris kids waiting for Luigi’s flying tires at Disneyland

It’s been too long since we last got acquainted, but here is the run down.  We had such a blessed wheat harvest and with the right recipe seemed as though we were “running” behind.  Wheat harvest took about 5 days longer than expected because of a tight harvest crew and some breakdown issues; that threw our hay cutting and baling behind schedule.  Remember I mentioned how purple the creek bottom looked? Then with the few sprinkles and cooler mornings in early June, hay baling took twice as long as expected.  To top it all off, the wind blew like crazy, I guess blowing in all this dry, hot weather.  I say all that to say this is why I NEVER book a vacation and the one time I do this is the circumstances we are stuck with.  But my request for what Amy calls the farming fairy was answered and Brent Straub spent some sleepless nights spraying for us.  You can always count on a good farming neighbor.  It was sure nice to go on vacation and not have the stress of leaving something undone at home.

The Harris kid had a chance to enjoy Disneyland, including the fireworks headboard in the hotel!

We left for vacation on Saturday, June 23.  I was busy trying to do everything humanly possible to get as much done on the farm as I could – I didn’t have time to sleep.  Quite frankly, that’s all I cared about for the first few days of vacation was what time we had to get up and when nap time would be!  We arrived in Los Angeles, CA, the next morning after a short flight and made our way on the shuttle to the “magic” of Disneyland.  The kids had a great time!  We were there Sunday through Thursday and had a late night flight to Dallas.  We pulled in our driveway about 4:00 am.  Amy stayed up doing a few loads of laundry because our daughter, Kenda’s, Softball team won their league in 8 and under softball and qualified for the state tournament, which started Friday morning in Preston, OK.  They ended up fifth in the tournament.

So back home to Hobart we go ready to take on the list at hand!  Alfalfa was ready to be laid down and baled again.  It is amazing what hot, dry weather does for your hay baling week.  Last month, it was a two-week-plus affair, and this trip, it lasted about 6 days start to finish. We put a lot of little squares up this time – about 2000 – plus 200 mid-size squares.   The cotton crop looks good considering there are rows going several directions, several sizes. I just got done spraying it for weeds and bugs.  Finally, the cattle do not need attention for pink eye every other day.  We have a decent chance of some much-needed rain tonight that would be a huge blessing in many ways.  It would get the alfalfa, cotton, and grass a lot further down the road towards making a crop.

Since I have been making paths on all this machinery I have plenty of radio time, this allows me time to ponder important things in life.  For instance, Jason Aldean is someone I would like to meet and shake his hand.  He is a huge advocate for agriculture through his music that hopefully the non-agriculture population can at least know something about production ag.  Rylan’s favorite singer since he was two has been Jason Aldean, and I am so glad of that.  I think it’s so true about the general population and how they perceive the  “Fly Over States” and I’m grateful for a celebrity to acknowledge the importance of who we are.